[Pattaya] KK Coffee Tourist Guide Service [Oct. 2020] (English)

KK Coffee

KK Coffee is a small privately run cafe in Pattaya.

KK Coffee

A Thai woman named Yui and one staff member run the cafe shop. You can see the three booths in the photo above, but the small space in the middle is KK Coffee.


KK Coffee is located in Soi Buakhao, Pattaya.

It’s located in a corner of Tree Town, about 10 meters from McDonald’s in Soi Bukkao. The shop is small, but it’s easy to find because it faces the road and is in an easy-to-understand location.


KK Coffee only sells drinks such as coffee, juice and smoothies. Prices are set at Thai prices and are almost the lowest around Soi Buakhao. Please watch this video for more information on KK Coffee.

KK Coffee Tourist Guide Service

KK Coffee also offers tourist guides. Yui, the female owner in KK Coffee, will show you the sights of Pattaya. For example, Underwater World Pattaya , one of the tourist attractions in Pattaya, she’ll guide you like this;

Please refer to the following article for a list of sightseeing spots in Pattaya. 

List of sightseeing spots in Pattaya [October 2020] (English)



Tourist guide fee (1 day): 2,000B
Driver fee (1 day): 1,200B

* Entrance fee for each facility is required separately. Customer’s foreigner fee + Thai fee for 1 person

The above is the charge when using the tourist guide service alone for a whole day. Since the car is a passenger car, it can accommodate drivers, Yui (tourist guide), and 3 customers. In addition, it is possible to use it for several hours only in the daytime instead of the whole day.

So please contact Yui for the price, number of people, etc.

Background of starting KK Coffee Tourist Guide

Due to the corona pandemic and the end of the extension of tourist visas (September 26, 2020), the number of foreign tourists in Pattaya has decreased sharply, and all the shops in Pattaya are in a difficult situation.

It is known that there are many foreign tourists (Farang) from Europe and the United States around Tree Town, Soi Bukkao in Pattaya. However, now we are in an unusual situation where we rarely see Farang. In other words, it’s a crisis situation with few customers .

Since KK Coffee can’t be managed by selling drinks alone, we decided to start a tourist guide service. KK Coffee is still open while Yui is a tourist guide. KK Coffee staff, Mee, is working.

So please come visit KK Coffee at any time.