Homeless YouTuber, Meru, “I consulted with the Living Welfare Division, but I was turned away at the door” is a lie

Homeless Meru

Homeless YouTuber Meru, who is currently gaining popularity. While there is support saying “I always support you!”, There’re also some opinions such as “That’s a fake video” and “A girl who doesn’t know etiquette”.

I can’t say “homeless people” yet, but I found out that “I consulted with the Living Welfare Division, but I was turned away at the door” was almost a lie, so I will write it as an article.



ホームレス める

ホームレス系YouTuber める 「生活福祉課に相談したけど、門前払いされた」は嘘



I’d like to ask Meru. Could you take any of the following actions?

If you’re really homeless

Please go to the ‘Toshima Ward Office Health and Welfare Department Living Welfare Division’ for consultation.

I asked them ‘Please help her and accept her Livelihood protection application’ directly. They answered, “We won’t turn away at the door in needy person.

If you’re not homeless and it’s fake

Please confess that ‘These my homeless videos were fake.’

As will be explained in detail later, the Toshima Ward Office properly responds to people in need .

However, due to Meru’s videos “I was turned away at the door”, viewers of people in need of living who saw it give up going to the ward office for consultation. In the worst case, they may give up and choose the path of suicide.

In addition, the image of the ward office will be downgraded, and it is not good to disseminate false information to an unspecified number of people.

Personal view

I think it’s true that Meru was homeless in the past. Perhaps she was a runaway girl rather than a homeless person. So, while moving from one man’s house to another at a dating cafe, one of them suddenly came up with an idea for making money.

“Isn’t it possible to make money by using Meru as a homeless YouTuber?”, like that.

He tried to sell Meru as a homeless YouTuber, but the number of views did not increase, so he approached other homeless YouTubers to collaborate, and finally, through crowdfunding through the popular YouTuber, ‘Nobita from Japan’. then… Isn’t it like that?

I guess that’s because ‘Nobita from Japan’ didn’t reply, but if I misunderstand, please reply by email or here. Here’s why I think so.

Homeless YouTuber Meru

The spectacular life of a 24-year-old female homeless. Give her a normal life. ( Tokyo Blue Sheet )

I think that this video uploaded on February 22, 2021 made Meru popular on YouTube.

Meru told the ward office that she was homeless and went to consult with her “Can you help me?”, But she said that she was turned away at the door.

The ward office says, “Because you don’t have an ID card’. For more information, watch the video above. In addition, Meru has own channel. Here it is.

Since the channel registration date is November 17, 2020, it means that she has been active on YouTube three months before the interview with Tokyo Blue Sheet. At the beginning of the channel, the number of views was small and it was not popular yet. This video of Tokyo Blue Sheet made the homeless Meru popular on YouTube.

In addition, by appearing on other YouTubers, At Home Channel , Sakasia TV , and Nobita from Japan , Meru‘s number of subscribers has exceeded 10,000 and the video has been played tens of thousands of times. It became so popular.

“I was turned away at the door” is a lie

Homeless YouTuber Meru has become popular, but she left without being grateful for the support of Tokyo Blue Sheet, appeared in entertainment videos on Sakasia TV, and has uploaded videos suspected of not being homeless on her own channel. Depending on the content, there are many comment such as “Are you really homeless??”

Since the point of digging will be long, I’ll explain later, especially the following video of the problem was investigated.


Battle with homeless girls in ward office ( homeless YouTuber )

On February 25, 2021, the video says , “I went to the Living Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Toshima Ward Office to consult about welfare, but I was turned away at the door.”

It seems that it was just after appearing in the video of Tokyo Blue Sheet. After investigating, this turned out to be a lie

When I contacted the Living Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Toshima Ward Office by email and phone, I received the following answers.

Answer from Toshima Ward Welfare Office Life Protection Counseling

  • In the image, she said that she visited the main government building of Toshima Ward Office and consulted on the 3rd and 4th floors, but the Living Welfare Division is located in the branch office building about 15 minutes away on foot.
  • It is said that she consulted with the “Toshima Ward Office Health and Welfare Department Living Welfare Division” to issue an ID card, but we do not issue an ID card.
  • In the first place, it is not necessary to issue an ID card for consultation on welfare
  • If she is in trouble with her life or housing, we wont’t to turn her away at the door.
  • If necessary, we will guide her to appropriate contact points such as women’s counseling and living / work counseling support center .

As stated in the “Introduction” at the beginning, the answer was “We wont’t to turn her away at the door

In fact, when I scrutinized this answer, it was true that the building introduced in Meru’s video and the Life Welfare Division dealing with livelihood protection were different buildings. Also, even if Meru was consulted at another window, she would not have been turned away at the door, and the window would have been in charge of the Living Welfare Division and provided directions to the Living Welfare Division.

In fact, Meru’s video does not include audio footage of evidence that it was “I was truned away at the door.”

So, as mentioned in “Introduction”, if Meru is really homeless person, please consult with the Living Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Toshima Ward Office.

If so, please go to submit the welfare application form that Tokyo Blue Sheet prepared for you .

The spectacular life of a 24-year-old female homeless. About the progress since then ( Tokyo Blue Sheet )


In this way, it is almost certain that “I consulted with the Living Welfare Division, but was turned away at the door” was a lie .

So what about the homeless? Let’s do it? By the way, I have been doing YouTube(Momi Nomad, Momi Meets Girls and Momi Night)activities for the purpose of supporting women in Southeast Asia. The reason for limiting it to Southeast Asia rather than Japanese women is that ‘there are no poor girls in Japan’ in my opinion.

Corona poor girls

Corona-Bad Women’s Way of Working-There are no poor girls in Japan

January 20, 2021, famous YouTuber, Hiroyuki has the same opinion as me.


Japan has many system for women to support needy women.

Until the video that Tokyo Blue Sheet- recommended to submit a welfare application, I believed that “Meru is homeless” and supported it. But I started to doubt after watching video that shows her appearing entertainment videos on Sakasia TV. Then I have come to think that the suspicion turned into fact. 

I’ve commented on it before. I wrote some suspicions here again including this. I would appreciate it if the person or officials would send me reply with an explanation that dispels my doubts here

However, as I say many times, if Meru is really homeless, please go to the Toshima Ward Office Health and Welfare Department Living Welfare Division. Please go to submit the welfare application.

Why doesn’t she go to submit the welfare application?

On March 1, 2021, as you can see from the previous video, Tokyo Blue Sheet took the trouble to prepare a welfare application for Meru. Why didn’t her submit it? Subsequent videos (discussed below) and the April 8, 2021 video still explain that she is still homeless.  Why doesn’t she go to submit the welfare application? If she went to submit it, why wouldn’t she upload a video proof that her welfare application was rejected?

Why did she leave Tokyo Blue Sheet?

After that video, Meru moved away from Tokyo Blue Sheet .

Report on March 20, 2021 ( Tokyo Blue Sheet )

Why did she leave the channel? What happened to that welfare application? Did she throw it away? Since then, she has appeared on Sakasia TV .

“You are not a child of the house”, a 24-year-old female homeless who was banished from her home due to developmental disabilities, Mel ( Sakasia TV )

The upload date is March 9, 2021, so it’s a week after the video that Tokyo Blue Sheet prepared the welfare application. In addition, this is not the first appearance on Sakasia TV , and it seems that some videos up to that point have been erased.

Why did she appear in entertainment videos?

Female homeless Meru-san will experience work with the aim of becoming homeless. ( Sakasia TV )

On March 21, 2021, she appeared in the entertainment video of Sakasia TV the day after the “report” video of Mr. Tokyo Blue Sheet .

Needless to say, if she really want to be independent, at least the following order is required.

  1. Submit and get acceptance of the welfare application
  2. Find home and address
  3. Make an ID card (national insurance card) at that address (change her address from her parents’ address)
  4. Find a job

Why did she work as a homeless person? Why is that the most unsuitable civil engineering for girls? I don’t understand the reason.

Why is she collecting million yen with crowdfunding ?

Why did this woman become homeless ( Nobita from Japan )

2021 March 25, afterf four days of the entertainment in Sakashia TV, she appeared in the video channel for overseas, Nobita From Japan. There is a crowdfunding link in the summary section to support Meru’s independence. You can see it if you click on it. She has already collected nearly 5 million yen (as of April 9).

Do you think that such a large sum of money would be to support her independence without taking

welfare or looking for a job ? I don’t think there is any difference from living with dating with her dad like in the past. In addition, ‘Nobita from Japan’ is collecting a lot of money with crowdfunding without checking anything, but what if she wasn’t homeless?

This time, I told the contents and results of my consultation with the Living Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Toshima Ward Office, and also sent a direct email to ‘Nobita from Japan’, but I have not received a reply from him yet.

She also appeared in his channel on April 8, 2021. It has been recently reported that “I am working part-time at a Gyudon(Beef bowl) restaurant” and “I still live in the bathroom”. This video also has the following questions.

Can she work part-time without an address?

If Meru’s part-time job is at a gyudon chain store such as Yoshinoya or Sukiya, she should have to submit her resume. According to the previous “Report” video by Tokyo Blue Sheet, Meru didn’t have an address at least until that time. How did she get a part-time job interview without her address? And how did she  pass the interview test?

Can dirty homeless people be hired in a hygienic work environment?

As sheI said, if she live without a bath for a few days, everyone will notice the smell of homelessness. Even if she change into a uniform, it can’t be hidden. It’s OK if she works in warehouse, but is it possible to work  while being homeless at a restaurant that careful about hygiene?

Why didn’t she upload the recorded video of the evidence?

“I went to the welfare application, but I didn’t pass the application, so I went to a different ward, but I didn’t receive it either.”

It has been reported recently, but where and where did she go to apply? As I wrote at the beginning, please go to the Toshima Ward Office Health and Welfare Department Living Welfare Division, which says “I was turned away at the door” in the video . Please upload the recorded video when you are turned away at the door.

Suspicion of doing other

This video is uploaded to Meru’s channel, homeless YouTuber , but if you check it with the interview videos of other channels mentioned above, there are many suspicious contents. Here are some questions.

How does she upload her videos?

According to Meru, the iPhone 8 used for video recording is used without a contract with a telephone company, and is connected to the Internet via free WiFi in the city. If you are surfing the internet or downloading, you can still understand from the explanation, but can you upload a file size of several GB with free WiFi? What’s more, is there a free WiFi spot in an unpopular park with fast upload speeds?

What is the address of Google Adsense Income?

When the YouTube channel clears the monetization conditions, she has to apply to Google for monetization. At that time, she needs her specific address. Google will send her a personal identification number (PIN) to that address, and she can only enter it to place advertisements on her videos. She is still homeless, but where does she set the address? It’s not a park toilet, right?

The cat is?

It seems that she still has a cat at the time of the video of Nobita from Japan uploaded in April. You said, “I leave my cat at my friend’s house”. So, she can apply for welfare protection, right? It seems that when Tokyo Blue Sheet submitted a welfare application, she refused to move into a share house or apartment because of a cat, isn’t it? I think that cats are also used for fake videos.

Who shot the iPhone 8 opening video?

January 17, 2021 iPhone8 opened ( homeless YouTuber )

As you can see in the comment (of someone other than me), “What are you shooting this for? What kind of equipment are you posting with?” Meru puts a heart mark on each comment, but only this comment does not put a heart mark and she does not answer the question. I can understand if it was shot on her older smartphone. But judging by the sound quality of the video and microphone, it was shot with a camera that is more expensive than the iPhone 8.

I’m guessing that this video was shot by Sakasia TV or man who take advantage of Meru behind the scenes. What about?

Have she been kicked out by a landlord due to rent delinquency?

February 2, 2021 About becoming homeless ( Homeless YouTuber )

The day after getting the iPhone 8, she uploaded a video of “homeless”, and soon after that, sheI was kicked out due to rent delinquency and became homeless. This would be a lie .

I don’t know how many months the rent was delinquent, but the rent of the apartment is given preferential treatment to the renter, and the landlord must be delinquent for at least 3 months to deport the renter. In addition, the landlord can finally expel the borrower at various steps such as trials and a large amount of expenses. (Refer to the following sites for details)

[Must-see for landlord] Thorough explanation of the flow from rent delinquency to forced eviction

So, the day after she got the iPhone 8, she will never be kicked out of the landlord and never be deported after a week.

Last room tour?

February 10, 2021 Homeless Girls in Room Tour ( Homeless YouTuber )

Is it really the last? Is it the first video because she can’t be deported immediately due to the rent delinquency I mentioned earlier? Did she shoot with her previous smartphone instead of shooting with iPhone 8? It looks like the image quality is worse than other videos taken by iPhone8.

Actually, this video was first shot, and Meru live here now, right ?


There are still many suspicions about her homeless, but I will leave it here. If Meru is really homeless, please go to the Toshima Ward Office Health and Welfare Department Living Welfare Division right now . In addition to Livelihood protection system, you will be guided to appropriate contact points such as women’s counseling and living / work counseling support centers as needed.

Additional on April 18, 2021, Conclude

After that, I communicated directly with Meru on Twitter. However, it remains unclear whether Meru is homeless. It seems that Meru has already earned YouTube revenue and part-time work, but the address required for them remains unknown. There are still many other mysterious points, but the following points that I want to solve have been cleared, so I will end this investigation.

  • The ward office won’t turn away at the door in needy person.
  • Donations sent to Meru will be used to support Meru’s independence.

For more information, click below and read it;

Homeless Meru lie

(Conclude) Homeless YouTuber, Meru, “I consulted with the Living Welfare Division, but I was turned away at the door” is a lie