Black company is being spread widely

ブラック企業 (Black company)

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First (Black company is being spread widely)

We often hear the word, ‘black company’ on the news and web site. Black company is defined as follows;

Black company is a company that force workers to work under inferior environment. The company that we can’t recommend you to apply and or enter to in a broad sense.

・Forcing workers to work in an environment that intentionally violates the labor law or the possibility under violation of it(gray zone).

・Forcing worker to work under violation of variety law regarding business activities, or too much over work, not considering worker’s health, or refusing the worker’s rights to get insurance if something bad happened to them while working.

・Forcing workers to take an imposing and irrational burden far from real work by using power harassment that means violent enforcement as conventional way.


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ブラック企業 を減らすには…


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What do you think about working overtime and black company?
Let’s talk about it with your friend.
How is the situation in other countries?
Ask your teacher or a foreigner about it.


  1. What kind of company could be defined as black company in your opinion?
  2. How to deal with if your company is a black company?
  3. How to stop increasing the number of black companies in Japan?
  4. What is the best way to find out if a company is a black company?
  5. Do you think there are black companies outside Japan too?